Javen Simon

1350 Reasons to Get Your Roof Done This Year!

A lot of talk has been going around about the renovation tax credit, or maybe I should say confusion. So how exactly does it work? When you spend up to $10 000 you are eligible to receive back $1350, and yes re-roofing your house qualifies for this tax credit. How do you claim your tax credit? There is critical paper work you need to make your claim. All of the following details need to be included:

* Who is doing the work
* Their business address
* GST number for the company
* Description of the goods
* Proof of payment
* Date purchased

Then as you’ll find A new line will be incorporated in the 2009 personal income tax return to allow you to claim the credit. Port Alberni has its share of “fly by night” roofers so be careful when hiring a roofing company.  Ensure they are registered with GST. Javen Simon Roofing Ltd. can provide you with all the necessary paper work to claim your refund. Use this link to view more information regarding the renovation tax credit.http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/gncy/bdgt/2009/fqhmrnvtn-eng.html