Javen Simon

Don’t Forget Your Chimney

Having your roof repaired or replaced is a major project. Often, many people have their roofs worked on and then later find that they need to have work performed on their chimneys as well. Unfortunately, having work performed on the chimney after you have a new roof installed is not a good idea. It is much better to have your chimney worked on first and then have the new roof installed or repaired.

Roofers are not chimney masons. Your best step is to contact a chimney mason and have them inspect your chimney before you begin your roofing project. This will ensure that all chimney repairs are completed and that the roofers are free to begin their work without any unnecessary damage to your chimney.

* Any roof system can only be as durable as the weakest link permits. Regardless of the fact that you may have a good roof, If your chimney is in poor condition, it can allow water into your home.

* Just like you should have a professional roofer work on your roof, you should also hire a professional to perform any work or repairs on your chimney as well. Homeowners should not attempt to work on their chimneys themselves.

* Like roofs, chimneys should be inspected regularly as well. Not only is proper chimney ventilation an important asset to overall roof care, but it’s also a protection for fire safety as well. If chimneys are not properly vented, they can cause serious damage to the home, so make sure to have your chimney thoroughly inspected before beginning your roofing projects. Additionally, you’ll find that once your chimney and roof are operating in perfect order that you will save money on your energy costs. If you have increasing energy bills, always check the chimney and roof and have any repairs performed immediately.