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Roof Moss Treatment & Maintenance Service

Our roof moss treatment and maintenance service consists of the following:


Gentle removal of the loose moss

We perform a gentle removal of the loose moss using the weight of a rake and/or push broom. It is important to not be overly aggressive at this stage of the cleaning, as moss tends to root into the shingles. Overly working the moss to remove it can damage the shingles and shorten your roof’s lifespan.

Gutter cleaning

Next, we clean out the gutters by hand. By removing debris and moss buildup, rain flow can pass freely through the drainage system allowing for a smooth, unobstructed water runoff which in turn reduces potential damage from long-term buildup.

Leaf blowers to clean the dust, and finer particulates

After we’ve removed loose debris and cleared out the gutter system, we use leaf blowers to clean the dust and finer particulates off the roof. Once this is complete, we blow out the gutters for a more detailed clean ensuring there are no remaining blockages.

At this stage the roof should be all cleaned except for the moss that is remaining and rooted into the shingles.


Moss Treatment

We treat this moss with a liberal application of a product called “30 Second Moss Removal”. We will generally use 4 litres of undiluted product to treat 1000 square feet and cover the entire roof.

Ground Cleaning

Finally, we will do a thorough cleanup of the ground. Sometimes small pieces of moss will fall into the grass which is near impossible to rake. This will break down on its own, or be picked up the next time the grass is mowed.

After we have treated the roof, it will take a few days to few weeks for the moss to die and dry out. The moss will break down over time and decompose and will be either washed or blown away by wind or rain. This gradual process of removal ensures your roof is not damaged.

In cases of heavy moss growth a double treatment is sometimes needed as specified by the manufacturer of “30 Sec Moss Removal”.

Javen Simon Roofing Ltd. does not guarantee or offer any warranty on modifications, repair work, or maintenance work performed on an existing roof system that was not installed by our trained installers.

Roofing systems rely on many components to perform their necessary function. Between all the materials used and the installation techniques utilized, it often only takes one component to fail before you experience a roof leak. These components can directly or indirectly affect each other (Water leaking at a vent can run down to a skylight and appear as if the skylight is leaking). Therefore unless we have installed the entire roof, we cannot guarantee that defective components will not affect our repair work, or modifications.

Maintenance involving treatment for moss offers no guarantee on the effectiveness of the product used (30 Second Moss Removal). Any concerns with product need to be addressed to the manufacturer of the product.

Rates for *two roofers are $210 minimum for the first hour, and $140 for each additional hour. “30 Second Moss Removal” is $29.99 per 4 litre. The average 2300 square foot home takes 1.5 hours and uses 12 litre of “30 Second Moss Removal” making the average cost $355 before GST. Variables that will affect the cost of your roof are the size, the pitch factor, as well as the amount of moss, and debris in the roof and gutters.
*(Two roofers are required for safety reasons.)

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