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Emergency Waterproofing Procedures

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

With all the weather we’ve been having here in Port Alberni, we have been flooded with repair calls. (no pun intended, OK it was intended). Often times you may not need to call a roofer.  Leaks in the roof can be temporarily solved with a good quality tarp, some 1×2′s and a handful of 2″ screws. Here are a few pointers if you feel up to the challenge yourself.

I always use the best quality tarps which are usually black. They are about twice the weight compared to the blue ones, hence twice the durability. Once you’ve isolated the area that is leaking stretch the tarp out to eliminate all the wrinkles. Make sure one end of the tarp goes over top of the ridge while the other end is covering the leaking area. Use the screws to fasten 1×2′s through the perimeter of the tarp and into the roof deck.

It is worth repeating that this type of emergency repair is only a temporary fix until the roof can be repaired or replaced. Tarping a roof should only be completed in a safe environment with proper safety equipment. Always be sure to have at least one additional person to assist in the repair. Final repair is best left to a roofer who has the equipment and skill to do it safely and permanently.  Roofs are treacherous, particularly when wet and tarps are slippery even when dry.