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What’s On Your Roof

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

With rightful concern clients will always enquire as to which roofing product will accommodate their needs best, typically focusing on color and warranty. Surprisingly little attention will go to a lot of the hardware that needs to be installed besides the shingles.

If you are planning, or are in the process of getting a new roof, don’t hold back questions such as:

  • Is there metal going in the valley?
  • Is the counter-flashing in the chimney being replaced?
  • Are proper vents with stems being used for bathroom or kitchen exhaust vents?
  • What weight underlay is being installed?

For most hardware, upgrade options are available for a low cost. These things contribute to having a good quality roof and should not be overlooked.

A good contractor will be happy and willing to spend the time to make sure you are well informed